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Frequently asked questions: 
Expert Witness/Chiropractic-Legal Issues

Is Dr. Clum available to provide assistance to both plaintiff and defense clients?

    Yes. Write to info@drgerryclum.com or call 510.827.4027

Is Dr. Clum available to assist in legal review matters in any state?

Can I have my lawyer contact Dr. Clum directly?
     Yes. Write to: info@drgerryclum.com or call 510.827.4027

Will Dr. Clum accept all cases brought for consideration?
     No. Cases are considered individually on the circumstances of           each case. Conflicts of interest arising from previous activities             or association with Dr. Clum will also be evaluated individually

Is Dr. Clum available to consult on specific issues on behalf of a chiropractor or chiropractic office absent any form of legal action being involved?
     Yes. Not being an attorney Dr. Clum is not available to offer               legal advice on any matters. He is available however to assist             with review of common procedures and practices in an office             setting such as the development and implementation of                     informed consent related documents and procedures. Write to         info@drgerryclum.com or call 510.827.4027

I will be deposed in a professional liability matter related to cervical spine adjusting and vertebral artery issues. Is Dr. Clum available to help me prepare for such a deposition and perhaps in court testimony if it should come to that?
     Yes. Dr. Clum requests that you discuss this option thoroughly           with your legal counsel and make sure he/she is fully on board           with this effort as in deposition you will likely be asked “who               have you discussed this matter with other than your legal                   counsel?” 

Frequently asked questions:

Continuing Education/Continuing Professional Development

  1. How would I go about discussing having Dr. Clum speak to my state chiropractic association?
    Write to: info@drgerryclum.com or call 510.827.4027 to begin discussions about engaging Dr. Clum as a speaker

  2. Has Dr. Clum’s presentations received continuing education credits or professional development credits in the past?
    Dr. Clum’s presentations have received approval everywhere in the world they have been presented for consideration. He has received CE/CPD approval in countries in Africa, Asia, Australiasia, Europe, North America and South America. Depending on the presentation content the credits have included those in the following categories: general chiropractic education and training, clinical/diagnostic education and training, risk management education and training.

  3. Does Dr. Clum present any lectures by means of a webinar format?
    Yes. Webinar style presentations can easily be arranged.

  4. Can Dr. Clum custom prepare a syllabus and presentation content if needed?
    Yes. Fees for a presentation such as this would also include needed presentation development and documentation time.

  5. Is Dr. Clum available to assist other presenters in developing lectures/presentation in his areas of expertise if needed?
    Yes. This type of support can be arranged as needed/desired.